Day 30: Free day in Edinburgh


Edinburgh is a superficially gorgeous place. The marvelous beauty is something one cannot get used to in a 7 day stay. The buildings give off grand impressions with a mid evil undertone. On the suave Edinburgh is easy to fall in love with. Three fellow students and I have decided to spend one of our free days looking deep into the human body at the history of surgery museum.

The three of us have great interest in healthcare and medicine. To us the museum was everything we hoped it would be and more. I personally find most museums boring but not this one.

The exhibit started with the history of surgery. There were examples of the first used surgical tools and medicines. There were also examples of all sorts of severe conditions with out the help of modern medical techniques. One horrific example was a tumor that’s started in the mouth and grew throughout a mans whole life. It grew to become the size of a bowling ball. It noted that daily activities such as eating and drinking were obviously quite difficult tasks.




The next room was called the Wohl Pathology Museum. It contained dozens of shelves with preserve human body parts and organs. There were hundreds of examples of how the body looks normally and how it looks with certain diseases and cancers. I couldn’t help but feel nostalgic as it reminded me of my days in Anatomy and Physiology class. The feeling was bittersweet as the class was one of my favorites but also most challenging at Purdue.


As we travel throughout Ireland and the U.K. We have focused on the bigger picture of health. The museum visit was a refreshing change of pace for us. While traveling it is easy to get the feeling that nothing could go wrong but the museum reminds us of all the minuscule things that can go awry.

Written by Christie Fordon


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